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 Transfers & Variations

We handle all requests for transfers, alterations and variations of Liquor Licenses.

Liquor License Transfers & Variations

Transfers, Alterations, & Variations of QLD Liquor Licenses

When you sell your premises the liquor licence stays with the premises and needs to be transferred to the new operator.  This process can take from 4-6 weeks with the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Regulation (OLGR) depending on the type of liquor licence being transferred. An Interim Authorisation to trade can be obtained in emergencies.

If you are increasing or decreasing the licensed area of your premises an application to do so along with new plans is required to be submitted to OLGR.

Any alterations to the premises over $50k requires an application to OLGR.

Any variations to a licence requires an application to OLGR. Examples of variations are:

  • a change of name of the licensed premises
  • adding a minors clause
  • adding a catering away endorsement
  • extending liquor trading hours
  • requesting increase in noise conditions by providing an acoustic report
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FAQ Transfers & Variations

How long does an Application for an Increase in Licensed Area take?2023-04-18T16:18:26+10:00
Can OLGR change the conditions of a licence if they receive repeated complaints regarding noise or general problems at the premises?2023-04-18T16:17:41+10:00

Yes, OLGR have the power to amend licence conditions if the premises are the source of continued legitimate complaints.

How does a Licensee obtain higher noise levels than allowed on the licence?2023-04-18T16:17:07+10:00
An application for an “increase in noise levels” is required and must be accompanied by an Acoustic Report for the premises.
Can a Licensee expand their premises and keep trading?2023-04-18T16:16:26+10:00
Only the licensed area can be used for trading in liquor until the new area is approved by OLGR.
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