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We handle all requests for liquor licence permits, and gaming licenses.

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Liquor-Related Permits

If you already hold a Queensland liquor licence and want to change or extend your licence temporarily, you will need to apply for a permit.

Community liquor permit

Community liquor permits are often required by unlicensed organisations who wish to sell or supply liquor on a temporary or one-off occasion. These permits are often used for school fetes, rodeos and sporting events in Queensland only. Exemptions can often apply.

Organisations that apply for community liquor permits include:

  • parent and citizen associations
  • non-proprietary clubs
  • theatre groups
  • not-for-profit organisations.

Commercial public event permit

If you have a liquor licence and approval to cater off-site, you may be granted a commercial public event permit to cater for a public event away from your main premises.

30 Years Liquor Licensing

FAQ Permits

How long before a Community Event do I need to apply for a Liquor Permit?2023-04-18T17:01:40+10:00
How long before a Commercial Public Event do I need to apply for a Permit?2023-04-18T17:00:58+10:00
This depends on who will be applying, where the event is, and numerous other factors – The application must be lodged with OLGR 28 days prior to the first day of the event. You must hold a commercial hotel licence, nightclub licence or commercial other licence, only in the subcategories of subsidiary on-premises or subsidiary off-premises, and have a catering away endorsement on your licence.
What are the guidelines for liquor permits?2023-04-18T17:00:18+10:00

Gaming Machine Licenses

If you currently hold, or have applied for, any of the following liquor licenses you can apply to the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) for a Gaming machine licence:

Note: Licence applications are assessed against the requirements of the Gaming Machine Act 1991 and a recommendation is made to the Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming. The Commissioner determines whether or not to grant a licence, taking into account the social and community impacts of gaming.

Apply for a new gaming machine licence

Note: An application for a gaming machine licence will not be determined until an eligible liquor licence has been granted.

If a Hotel licence with Gaming machines transfers,  the new Licensee will need to apply for a new Gaming licence. Strict checks are made on the Directors of the applicant company as to criminal background, financial ability and history. It can take about 3 months to have approved.

Apply to change an existing gaming machine licence

If you already hold a gaming machine licence, you can apply to make the following changes to your licence:

  • increase or decrease in the approved number of gaming machines
  • permanent or temporary increase in approved hours of gaming
  • approval for additional licensed premises (applies to community clubs only)
  • relocate approved gaming machine area
  • store gaming machines.

FAQ Gaming

How many machines can a Hotel apply for?2023-04-18T17:05:44+10:00
The current number for a Hotel is 45 operating EGM’s (Electronic Gaming Machines). Clubs can apply for much higher numbers.
Can I apply for a Gaming Licence with a “Meals” licence?2023-04-18T17:05:04+10:00
No, only Hotels, Casinos and “Clubs” are entitled to apply for a Gaming Machine Licence. This process is complicated and expensive to obtain the Authorities.
What is the cost of a Gaming Machine Authority?2023-04-18T17:04:24+10:00
Qld has 3 “zones” for Gaming Operators and each has different tender pricing – see OLGR website for latest average tender statistics. “Clubs” have cheaper prices – again see OLGR site for details.
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